Wargame Safety

If you're going to be attacking a site that is expressly intended for wargaming (and if you don't own the target site, that had better be the only kind of site you're attacking) there are a few rules you should keep in mind before attempting this feat. So let's run down those very quickly before I get a flood of "I haz been pwnd" emails complaining, okay?

  1. Do not run as root.
  2. Really, do not run as root.
  3. Turn off all scripting in your browser unless the gaming site explicitly requires it to be turned on. Then turn it off as soon as you're done.
  4. Don't try this from a Windows box unless you love the sound of a drive reformatting (excepting SSDs, of course).
  5. If you're a masochist and an idiot, run directly on your host os. If you're not, there's this thing called virtual machines you might want to investigate.
  6. I'm not responsible for anything you do. Not just in the digital realm either, but let's start there.
  7. Study and prepare before you start. They might be polite and friendly at first, but some upper levels on wargaming sites have been known to include payloads and counter-attacks… you don't want to go after that unarmed.
  8. Have fun and don't get owned.
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