How-To: Droid Incredible Froyo/Root

This information was current as of 13 Aug 2010. As the official Droid Incredible Froyo (Android 2.2) release has now been put out by Verizon, it's really just here for those that chose not to upgrade and want to know exactly what they're plopping on their hardware. Or for those who want to have an access point from their phone without paying a pile of money to do so when they've already purchased the data plan… whatever.


Grab all of these files before you begin. Sure, you could grab them as you go, but this will speed up the actual install process quite a bit.


  1. Backup. Really. What's a few minutes compared to peace of mind?
  2. If not already in that state, format SD card to FAT32… not FAT or FAT16 or anything else… nothing else will work properly if you don't do this.
  3. Put on the SD card
  4. # Power off
  5. Power on holding volume down and power buttons
  6. Wait for image to be seen
  7. Volume up to confirm the installation… welcome to complete stock.
  8. Skip all the setup garbage… don't set up anything… do it later.
  9. Remove from the SD card
  10. Rename to and put on the SD card
  11. Power off
  12. Power on holding volume down and power buttons
  13. Select "Recovery" in the boot menu (volume down then power button)
  14. On the scary red icon/triangle screen, press power and volume up (or try volume up then power just in case nothing happens). Stop crying, it's not bricked.
  15. Select the option to install from card
  16. Kick back and wait 5 - 10 minutes (will automatically reboot into phone)
  17. Run Unrevoked 3 again to regain root
  18. If not done previously, run Unrevoked Forever (kills security check). Don't do this twice… just once…
  19. Set up account/etc. on phone
  20. Download ROM Manager (free in market)
  21. Install SkyRaider 2.5 (or whatever Froyo build you'd like). SkyRaider is under Ihtfp69 in ROM Manager. I grabbed the Vanilla build to get rid of all the HTC stuff too.
  22. Install WiFiTether 2.0.5
  23. You're up and running
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