How-to: WPA2 Wireless Configuration Script

For a better overall treatment of wireless networking in Linux check out Wireless Configuration in Linux, but if you just need a fast and easy script to get everything working, here's a quick cheater's way to do so:


if [ $USER != "root" ]; then
    echo "Must be root to run this..."
    ifconfig | grep "Link encap" | grep -v UNSPEC > /tmp/ethlist
    echo "-------------------------------------------------"
    echo "Available interfaces:"
    echo ""
    cat /tmp/ethlist
    echo ""
    echo "-------------------------------------------------"
    read -p "What interface will you use? " -e wlan 
    rm -f /tmp/ethlist
    read -p "What ESSID should I use? " -e wifiname
    read -p "What password should be used? " -e wifipass
    wpa_passphrase $wifiname $wifipass > /tmp/0a9afsn
    wpa_supplicant -Dwext -i$wlan -c/tmp/0a9afsn >/dev/null 2>&1 &
    dhclient $wlan
    while ( [ -e /tmp/0a9afsn ] ); do
        clientcount=`ps -ef | grep -c [w]pa`
        if [ $clientcount = "0" ]; then
            rm -f /tmp/0a9afsn
            exit 0
        sleep 2

And yes, the /tmp/0a9afsn file is just a gibberish choice to make it slightly less obvious where the configuration is being saved. This isn't secure at all, just convenient.

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